Wallingford Connecticut
Wallingford Connecticut
A Great New England Town
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Electric Division:
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Contact Information

The Electric Division provides electric energy to customers in Wallingford and a portion of Northford and maintains the municipal street light system.

Power outages and other emergencies (24 hours)
 Customer Service (Hours: 8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.):  Tel: 203-294-2020  Fax: 203-294-2027
 General Manager:  Tony Buccheri  Tel: 203-294-2265  Fax203- 294-2267
 Business Office Manager: Tom Sullivan  Tel: 203-294-2030  Fax: 203-294-2027
 Customer Relations Supervisor: Laura Patterson  Tel: 203-294-2020  Fax: 203-294-2027
 Energy Conservation Specialist: Walt Szymanski  Tel: 203-294-2280  Fax: 203-294-2027
 Distribution Superintendent:  Tel: 203-294-2273  Fax:  203-294-2267
 Construction and Maintenance: Bob Briggs
 Tel: 203-294-2273  Fax: 203-294-2267
 Engineering (Distribution): Ed Rizzo  Tel:203- 294-2271  Fax: 203-294-2267
 Meter Department: Carl Aresco  Tel: 203-294-2270  Fax: 203-294-2267

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