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Minutes & Agendas

To access minutes and agendas for any board or commission, simply click on the appropriate bar below to view all current minutes and agendas as well as archives of older meeting documents.

Please note that, in most cases, the minutes posted below are made available to the public prior to acceptance and may later be amended or corrected.  Please also note that changes to agendas may not be reflected on-line.
Town Council
  71 Newsletters2019 Town Council Archive
  75 Newsletters2018 Town Council Archive
  69 Newsletters2017 Town Council Archive
  80 Newsletters2016 Town Council Archive
  71 Newsletters2015 Town Council Archive
  90 Newsletters2014 Town Council Archive
  80 Newsletters2013 Town Council Archive
  73 Newsletters2012 Town Council Archive
  91 Newsletters2011 Town Council Archive
  72 Newsletters2010 Town Council Archive
  79 Newsletters2009 Town Council Archive
  11 Newsletters2008 Town Council Archive
Ambulance Committee
  1 Newsletters2017 Ambulance Committee Archive
  1 Newsletters2013 Ambulance Comm. Archive
  1 Newsletters2012 Ambulance Comm. Archive
Board of Assessment Appeals
  10 Newsletters2019 Board of Assessment Appeals Archive
  10 Newsletters2018 Board of Assessment Appeals Archive
  1 Newsletters2017 Board of Assessment Appeals Archive
  6 Newsletters2016 Board of Assessment Appeals Archive
  3 Newsletters2010 Board of Assessment Appeals Archive
  2 Newsletters2009 Board of Assessment Appeals Archive
Board of Ethics
  1 Newsletters2019 Board of Ethics Archive
  1 Newsletters2018 Board of Ethics Archives
  2 Newsletters2010 Board of Ethics Archive
  6 Newsletters2009 Board of Ethics Archive
Board of Health and Community Health Alliance
  6 Newsletters2018 Board of Health Archive
  5 Newsletters2017 Board of Health Archive
  5 Newsletters2016 Board of Health Archive
  5 Newsletters2015 Board of Health Archive
  5 Newsletters2014 Board of Health Archive
  5 Newsletters2013 Board of Health Archive
  4 Newsletters2012 Board of Health Archive
  2 Newsletters2011 Board of Health Archive
  3 Newsletters2010 Board of Health Archive
  3 Newsletters2009 Board of Health Archive
  1 Newsletters2008 Board of Health Archive
Conservation Commission
  20 Newsletters2019 Conservation Commission Archive
  25 Newsletters2018 Conservation Comm. Archive
  21 Newsletters2017 Conservation Comm. Archive
  22 Newsletters2016 Conservation Comm. Archive
  26 Newsletters2015 Conservation Comm. Archive
  32 Newsletters2014 Conservation Comm. Archive
  24 Newsletters2013 Conservation Comm. Archive
  24 Newsletters2012 Conservation Comm. Archive
  23 Newsletters2011 Conservation Comm. Archive
  25 Newsletters2010 Conservation Comm. Archive
  18 Newsletters2009 Conservation Comm. Archive
  2 Newsletters2008 Conservation Comm. Archive
Economic Development Commission
  48 Newsletters2019 EDC Archive
  21 Newsletters2018 EDC Archive
  22 Newsletters2017 EDC Archive
  23 Newsletters2016 EDC Archive
  20 Newsletters2015 EDC Archive
  27 Newsletters2014 EDC Archive
  26 Newsletters2013 EDC Archive
  16 Newsletters2012 EDC Archive
  19 Newsletters2011 EDC Archive
  26 Newsletters2010 EDC Archive
  20 Newsletters2009 EDC Archive
  6 Newsletters2008 EDC Archive
Historic Properties Commission
  4 Newsletters2019 Historic Properties Commission Archive
  1 Newsletters2018 Historic Properties Comm. Archive
  1 Newsletters2017 Historic Properties Comm. Archive
  2 Newsletters2016 Historic Properties Comm. Archive
  2 Newsletters2011 Historic Properties Comm. Archive
  2 Newsletters2010 Historic Properties Comm. Archive
  3 Newsletters2009 Historic Properties Comm. Archive
Housing Code Board of Appeals
  2 Newsletters2010 Housing Code Board of Appeals Archive
  2 Newsletters2009 Housing Code Board of Appeals Archive
Inland Wetlands & Watercourses Commission
  20 Newsletters2019 IWWC Archive
  24 Newsletters2018 IWWC Archive
  20 Newsletters2017 IWWC Archive
  24 Newsletters2016 IWWC Archive
  19 Newsletters2015 IWWC Archive
  24 Newsletters2014 IWWC Archive
  18 Newsletters2013 IWWC Archive
  17 Newsletters2012 IWWC Archive
  17 Newsletters2011 IWWC Archive
  36 Newsletters2010 IWWC Archive
  20 Newsletters2009 IWWC Archive
  6 Newsletters2008 IWWC Archive
Local Emergency Planning Committee/Disaster Planning
  2 Newsletters2019 Local Emergency Planning Committee/Disaster Planning Archive
  1 Newsletters2017 Local Emergency Planning Committee/Disaster Planning Archive
Mayor's Council on Substance Abuse Prevention
  2 Newsletters2019 Mayor's Council on Substance Abuse Prevention Archive
Ordinance Committee (TC)
  15 Newsletters2019 Ordinance Committee (TC) Archive
  9 Newsletters2018 Ordinance Comm. Archive
  12 Newsletters2017 Ordinance Comm. Archive
  12 Newsletters2016 Ordinance Comm. Archive
  10 Newsletters2015 Ordinance Comm. Archive
  9 Newsletters2014 Ordinance Comm. Archive
  18 Newsletters2013 Ordinance Comm. Archive
  9 Newsletters2012 Ordinance Comm. Archive
  14 Newsletters2011 Ordinance Comm. Archive
  10 Newsletters2010 Ordinance Comm. Archive
  6 Newsletters2009 Ordinance Comm. Archive
Pension Commission
  1 Newsletters2019 Pension Commission Archive
  1 Newsletters2018 Pension Comm. Archive
  1 Newsletters2013 Pension Comm. Archive
  3 Newsletters2011 Pension Comm. Archive
  3 Newsletters2010 Pension Comm. Archive
  4 Newsletters2009 Pension Comm. Archive
  1 Newsletters2008 Pension Comm. Archive
Personnel and Pension Appeals Board
  7 Newsletters2019 PPAB Archive
  6 Newsletters2018 PPAB Archive
  5 Newsletters2017 PPAB Archive
  6 Newsletters2016 PPAB Archive
  3 Newsletters2015 PPAB Archive
  4 Newsletters2009 PPAB Archive
Planning & Zoning Commission
  25 Newsletters2019 PZC Archive
  25 Newsletters2018 PZC Archive
  33 Newsletters2017 PZC Archive
  30 Newsletters2016 PZC Archive
  45 Newsletters2015 PZC Archive
  17 Newsletters2014 PZC Archive
  22 Newsletters2013 PZC Archive
  17 Newsletters2012 PZC Archive
  27 Newsletters2011 PZC Archive
  27 Newsletters2010 PZC Archive
  32 Newsletters2009 PZC Archive
  5 Newsletters2008 PZC Archive
Public Celebrations Committee
  16 Newsletters2019 Public Celebrations Comm. Archive
  18 Newsletters2018 Public Celebrations Comm. Archive
  3 Newsletters2017 Public Celebrations Comm. Archive
  5 Newsletters2016 Public Celebrations Comm. Archive
  7 Newsletters2015 Public Celebrations Comm. Archive
  8 Newsletters2014 Public Celebrations Comm Archive
  8 Newsletters2013 Public Celebrations Comm. Archive
  11 Newsletters2012 Public Celebrations Comm. Archive
  2 Newsletters2011 Public Celebrations Comm. Archive
  2 Newsletters2010 Public Celebrations Comm. Archive
  4 Newsletters2009 Public Celebrations Comm. Archive
  2 Newsletters2008 Public Celebrations Comm. Archive
Public Utilities Commission
  61 Newsletters2019 PUC Archive
  60 Newsletters2018 PUC Archive
  76 Newsletters2017 PUC Archive
  56 Newsletters2016 PUC Archive
  62 Newsletters2015 PUC Archive
  51 Newsletters2014 PUC Archive
  68 Newsletters2013 PUC Archive
  53 Newsletters2012 PUC Archive
  64 Newsletters2011 PUC Archive
  60 Newsletters2010 PUC Archive
  54 Newsletters2009 PUC Archive
  7 Newsletters2008 PUC Archive
Quinnipiac River Linear Trail Advisory Committee
  17 Newsletters2019 QRLTAC Archive
  9 Newsletters2018 QRLTAC Archive
  8 Newsletters2017 QRLTAC Archive
  9 Newsletters2016 QRLTAC Archive
  7 Newsletters2015 QRLTAC Archive
  9 Newsletters2014 QRLTAC Archive
  8 Newsletters2013 QRLTAC Archive
  7 Newsletters2012 QRLTAC Archive
  12 Newsletters2011 QRLTAC Archive
  12 Newsletters2010 QRLTAC Archive
  7 Newsletters2009 QRLTAC Archive
  2 Newsletters2008 QRLTAC Archive
Recreation Commission
  8 Newsletters2019 Rec. Comm. Archive
  10 Newsletters2013 Rec. Comm. Archive
  10 Newsletters2012 Rec. Comm. Archive
  7 Newsletters2011 Rec. Comm. Archive
  5 Newsletters2010 Rec. Comm. Archive
  7 Newsletters2009 Rec. Comm. Archive
  2 Newsletters2008 Rec. Comm. Archive
Wallingford Aquifer Protection Agency
Technology Committee (TC)
  2 Newsletters2016 Technology Comm. (TC) Archive
  3 Newsletters2015 Technology Comm. (TC) Archive
  6 Newsletters2014 Technology Comm. (TC) Archive
Wallingford 350th Jubilee Committee
  46 Newsletters2019 Wallingford 350th Jubilee Committee Archive
  96 Newsletters2018 Wallingford 350th Jubilee Committee Archive
  32 Newsletters2017 Wallingford 350th Jubilee Committee Archive
  6 Newsletters2016 Wallingford 350th Jubilee Committee Archive
Wallingford Regional Solid Waste Project
  8 Newsletters2019 WRSWP Archive
  14 Newsletters2018 WRSWP Archive
  12 Newsletters2017 WRSWP Archive
  15 Newsletters2016 WRSWP Archive
  18 Newsletters2015 WRSWP Archive
  24 Newsletters2014 WRSWP Archive
  8 Newsletters2013 WRSWP Archive
  6 Newsletters2012 WRSWP Archive
  11 Newsletters2011 WRSWP Archive
  10 Newsletters2010 WRSWP Archive
Zoning Board of Appeals
  22 Newsletters2019 ZBA Archive
  27 Newsletters2018 ZBA Archive
  24 Newsletters2017 ZBA Archive
  22 Newsletters2016 ZBA Archive
  22 Newsletters2015 ZBA Archive
  13 Newsletters2013 ZBA Archive
  12 Newsletters2012 ZBA Archive
  19 Newsletters2011 ZBA Archive
  18 Newsletters2010 ZBA Archive
  17 Newsletters2009 ZBA Archive
  3 Newsletters2008 ZBA Archive
  9 Newsletters2014 ZBA Archive

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